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The Crashed Air-Liner The Poisoned Pen Horror House
"The Crashed Air-Liner" (published in 1947) Sexton Blake and Tinker arrive on the scene in their Rolls Royce motor car (the Grey Panther).
"The Poisoned Pen" (published in 1938) A letter is being furtively posted under the surveillance of two armed men.
"Horror House" (published in 1930) The crooks with cowls descend into the dungeon with their lady captive.
The Man Who Never Slept Secret Of Smugglers Cove Three images
"The Man Who Never Slept" (published in 1937) A fine piece of artwork by Eric Parker
"Secret of Smugglers' Cove" (published in 1935) Sinister deeds take place on a deserted sea shore.

The revolving cube to the right is, to an extent, controllable.

Hover your mouse in the exact centre of the blue square in which the cube revolves. The cube will slow and when the exact centre is reached the cube will stop (for a short while).

The cube can also be "rolled" by short movements of the mouse in the direction required.

With practice a face can easily be manoeuvred into a vertical position.

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